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Aurora’s story (x)


But Leo? He was the annoying guest she couldn’t get rid of. She’d never fall for him, because she was totally out of his league. Not that he cared. She wasn’t his type anyway.

all I want from the ending of the last book is everyone being happy and alive and I am probably asking too much. but leo must get back to her at all costs


be the innocent flower but be the serpent under it

Don’t let them cover up the truth! The Mockingjay lives. Join the rebellion!

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get to know me meme: [6/8] male characters ben wyatt
"I’m not afraid of cops. I have no reason to be. I never break any laws, ever, because I’m deathly afraid of cops."

“Pour,” Ser Jorah commanded. The four young warriors of Dany’s khas arrayed themselves behind him, frowning, watching with their dark, almond - shaped eyes.
“It would be a crime to drink this rich a wine without letting it breathe.” The wineseller had not put his hammer down.
Jhogo reached for the whip coiled at his belt, but Dany stopped him with a light touch on the arm. “Do as Ser Jorah says,” she said. People were stopping to watch.
The man gave her a quick, sullen glance. “As the princess commands.”

Michael, maybe you don’t have enough RAM to understand this, but there is such thing as brotherly love.

Stiles + hell yeah